The Foundry
Jeff Adams believes one cannot separate the artist from the artisan when working in bronze. A great work of art that has fallen short of its mark in casting or finishing does not become a great sculpture. Bronze sculpture requires the coordination of many artisans in order to maintain the integrity of the original clay sculpture. Adams is able to integrate both the artist and artisan together because he learned the art of casting and finishing bronze before he devoted his efforts to the art of creating sculpture.

It was because of the desire to maintain a high level of craftsmanship on his own work, that Jeff started inBronze Foundry. Unlike most sculptors, by owning his own foundry Jeff's work is never out of his control.

inBronze foundry specializes in bronze sculptures utilizing the lost wax method of casting. Here, Jeff and his crew provide full-service casting and finishing to other artists, as well as providing them with Adams and his crew's vast experience and knowledge of bronze casting. Artists find their skills and craftsmanship in the areas of mold-making, wax touch-up, casting, patination and displaying of artwork indispensable.

An article in Practical Welding Today applauded Adams and inBronze foundry's technical accomplishments describing them as "seamless craftsmanship." When commenting on his methods in regard to his noted sculpture "Paths of Conviction, Footsteps of Fate," they stated, "the techniques and processes used by Adams have paid off. The people of Oregon have a beautiful sculpture in a downtown park, and most will never know that it was made from 40 individual castings that were welded together."

In addition to this craftsmanship, Adams has used his ingenuity and skill to build innovative equipment for his foundry. Never one to shy away from a challenge, he used his vast industry knowledge to solve problems and improve the casting process. He explains, "Early foundry methods were generally passed down in an oral tradition, making foundry techniques quite different from region to region." After carefully researching these differences, Adams drew on his engineering and technical expertise to design and manufacture equipment and processes that make his facility quite unique.

Our commitment at inBronze is to faithfully reproduce a sculptor's work to a standard of quality both the artist and foundry can be proud of. inBronze strives to achieve this standard at a price that is fair, in a reasonable turn-around time. Our belief is that when these goals are maintained, a long term relationship will develop between artist and foundry.