Foundry Services
It is unique for an artist to not only be casting his own sculptures, but to offer his 20+ years of experience and knowledge in the casting business to other sculptors, is rare.

Artists will find inBronze's services and craftsmanship indispensable in the areas of:

  • Mold-making
  • Wax pattern & touch-up
  • Casting
  • Patination
  • Displaying of art work

Pioneer Family Memorial

11'h x 14'w - 8,000 lbs.
Stands along Elgin, IL's refurbished riverfront.
Sculptor: The Late Trygve Rovelstad

Bull of Strength

Part of Chicago, IL Park District Monuments
Reproduction of life-size Cerean Goddess standing beside the 'Bull of Strength.'
Sculptors: The Late Daniel C. French & E. C. Potter


Three Graces

By Dean Shipston after Antonio Canova
Part of Lionel Hastings & Co. Art Collection, McGill, N

Strength of the Steed, Power in the Muses

30" high. Sculptor, Jeff Adams

Paths of Conviction Footsteps of Fate

13 1/2' high, 3,000 pounds. Mix Park, Oregon, Illinois.
Sculptor, Jeff Adams