Foundry History
Adams' first "official" studio space opened in 1985 in Sedona, AZ. Initially he produced all his own work as well as providing finishing services to other sculptors. Then in 1993, he decided to move closer to his hometown where he opened a larger studio in Grand Detour, IL. Quickly outgrowing this space, Adams purchased a large industrial building in Mt. Morris, IL, where he opened his current foundry, inBronze.

In addition to this craftsmanship, Adams has used his ingenuity and skill to build innovative equipment for his foundry. Never one to shy away from a challenge, he used his vast industry knowledge to solve problems and improve the casting process. He explains, "Early foundry methods were generally passed down in an oral tradition, making foundry techniques quite different from region to region." After carefully researching these differences, Adams drew on his engineering and technical expertise to design and manufacture equipment and processes that make his facility quite unique.