Field Contest
We all have visions of doing large pieces, but the expense and risk of producing work at this scale without having it sold often holds us back. This sculpture competition is intended to provide sculptors the opportunity to add larger works to their portfolio and to enable The Fields Project and inBronze Foundry to continue to add to the heritage of sculpture in the Oregon area. The first copy of the chosen work will be placed in our community and you, the sculptor, will get a cash award plus the rubber mold to produce other copies for you to sell.

Preference will be given to compositions related to art and agriculture.

Open to all sculptors participating in The 7th Annual Fields Project Fine Art Festival held on June 26, 2005.

Submission of Maquette
A detailed maquette must be delivered to inBronze Foundry, 309 N. Wesley Ave., Mt. Morris, IL (815/734-7578) by August 31, 2005 for judging and selection. The maquette can be in the form of original clay or previously completed works in any medium. Submitted maquettes must be between one-fifth to one-third of the life-size version. Each sculptor may only submit one maquette for consideration.

$2,000 cash award upon delivery of enlarged sculpture to inBronze Foundry. inBronze shall mold and cast sculpture at no cost to the Artist. Artist will receive and own the high quality rubber mold that additional copies can be cast from. This mold constitutes a significant portion of the award. The chosen sculpture will be permanently installed in the Oregon area.

Time Line
Enlarged version of the chosen sculpture must be delivered to inBronze Foundry by December 1, 2005. inBronze will have sculpture cast and ready for installation, prior to dedication ceremony, which will take place at The 8th Annual Fields Project Art Festival, June 2006.

Enlarged sculpture of the winning maquette must not exceed 7' high or exceed 400 lbs. cast weight and must be appropriate to be molded and cast using the lost wax method of casting. If the artist wishes to reproduce other copies, the Artist agrees to do an edition of no greater than nine, and the copy that The Fields Project shall obtain will be #1 of the edition.

Enlarged work will be cast in silicon bronze at inBronze Foundry, Mt. Morris, IL, using the lost wax method of casting.