The Artist
Jeff Adams grew up in a small rural town in Illinois. His early experience in sculpture began at the age of 15, when he first started working in a local fine art foundry. During the four years he remained at the foundry, Jeff sculpted and sold several original works.

After receiving a degree in civil engineering, Jeff moved to Sedona, Arizona, where he returned to foundry work and sculpting. He quickly established a reputation for fine patinas and developed unique methods to intensify color. Though his patina work was in high demand by many prominent artists throughout the Southwest, Adams began to devote more time to his own sculptures.

Since 1985, Adams has been working almost exclusively on his own pieces. In 2000, Jeff designed, built and integrated a bronze casting facility, inBronze Foundry, into his studio. By owning his own foundry, Jeff is able to train his craftsmen to meet his high standards of workmanship and quality. Due to his extensive foundry experience, Adams is a sculptor with great technical proficiency in his medium. He has personally reproduced and finished over 600 of his own sculptures. Along the way, he has won numerous awards, exhibited in solo and juried shows, and has been awarded both private and public commissions.

Perhaps one of his best known sculptures is "Paths of Conviction, Footsteps of Fate"-a 13 1/2 foot monumental bronze sculpture of Abraham Lincoln and Sauk warrior Black Hawk. Author and art consultant, James Percoco, lauds this as one of the top Lincoln statues in Illinois. At the unveiling of the statue he described this sculpture by saying, "His [Adams'] meticulous modeling, lively pose, and detail of the 16th president is precise and like all strong outdoor sculpture/public monuments, presents a very believable and accurate portrait of Lincoln."

While Adams' sculptures have been sold and commissioned nationwide, he takes great pride in contributing to his local community. "I want to give something back and contribute to the heritage of Oregon," he said when discussing "Paths of Conviction, Footsteps of Fate." In 2003, the Oregon Illinois Chamber of Commerce honored his community service by awarding Jeff Adams' inBronze Studio, Gallery, and Foundry as "Business of the Year."

Other recent accomplishments include the unveiling of a new sculpture, "Symbiotic Sojourn," an approximately 9-foot bronze sculpture located at the Main Street Promenade complex in Naperville, Illinois. The sculpture received high praise from visitors and dignitaries at the event. Century Walk President Brand Bobosky said, "This is probably one of our finest hours." Ruth Yackley, who with her husband Dwight Yackley commissioned the piece along with Century Walk, said they were "thrilled to have the piece there and it was worth every penny."